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Labor Day Healthy Living & A Java Jive Refill on 10th Week of Joe Bev's WRN Starting August 30, 2013

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Healthy Living & More Coffee Jazz are among the topics heard on the tenth week of Joe Bev's Waterlogg Radio Network (WRN) starting tonight August 30, 2013:

Jazz-O-Rama: "A Java Refill: More Coffee Jazz"
Cartoon Carnival: "An Interview with June Foray
and Bill Scott" part 2

Comedy-O-Rama: "Camp Waterlogg: The Wedding
of Ellis & Elise part 1"

The Joe Bev experience: "Joe & Lorie's Healthy
Living Special" part 1

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"A Java Refill:
More Coffee Jazz"

1. Al Bernard - Hot Coffee (1926) Edison
2. Jack Buchanan and Gertrude Lawrence - A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and You (1925) (From the show 'The Charlot Revue of 1926')
3. Helen Clark & Franklyn Baur - A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and You (1925)
4. Leo Reisman Orchestra - A Cup Of Coffee A Sandwich and You (1925)
5. Ella Fitzgerald - Black Coffee (1960)
6. Peggy Lee - Black Coffee (1953)
7. Carmen McRae - Black Coffee / Sarah: Dedicated to You (1991)
8. Manhattan Transfer with Gene Pistilli - Java Jive (1969)
9. The Andrews Sisters with The Vic Schoen Orchestra - The Coffee Song (1946)
10. The Andrews Sisters - A Proper Cup of Coffee (1958)
11. Annette Hanshaw - You're The Cream in My Coffee (1928)
12.The Ted Weems Orchestra with vocal refrain by Parker Gibbs - You're The Cream in My Coffee (1929)
13. Miff Mole & His Little Molars - You're the Cream in My Coffee (1928)
14. Barry Harris Trio - Morning Coffee (1960)

Cartoon Carnival
"An Interview with June Foray and Bill Scott" part 2
Part two of Bob Claster's interview with June Foray and Bill Scott (1985),
more audio from the first "Rocky and Bullwinkle" show (1959), "Willoughby and the Professor Meet the Godfather" part two (1972), Alan Reed (as Fred Flintstone) sings opera, Daws Butler and Don Messick in part two of a rare "Pixie and Dixie" Hanna-Barbera cartoon (1958), Uncle Dunkle and Donnie in "The Enchanted Tape Recorder" (2009), part one of the 1962 Capitol Record: "Bugs Bunny vs. the Tortoise" voiced by Mel Blanc, Arthur Q. Bryan and Jimmy Weldon.

The Comedy-O-Rama Hour
"The Wedding of
Ellis & Elise" part 1

Joe Bevilacqua, who is also known as Joe Bev, performs nearly half the characters on the show.  His wife and creative partner Lorie B. Kellogg also performs many characters on the show. Other characters are played by Kenny Savoy and Jim Folly, members of the Liquid Comedy troupe since 1979. Also on this week's show, "Madman in the City" by Pedro Pablo Sacristan, voiced by Joe Bev, a new "Our Miss Brooks" (Lorie Kellogg and Joe Bev), and a new "Lum & Abner" (Donnie Pitchford).
    "Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, Bugs Bunny--these are what make me laugh and, except for an occasional double entendre, the humor was clean. I work extra hard to make sure our 'funny' is 'family friendly'," says Joe Bev, who adds, "Clearly, audiences are moving away from the rigid formulas of traditional TV and radio. The future of entertainment is on the Internet, where anything is possible!"

The Joe Bev Experience
"Joe & Lorie's Healthy Living Special" part 1
In the two part audio documentary, husband and wife Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) and Lorie Kellogg explore the rural byways within four miles of their home in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains of New York State, and find local business owners working to promote healthy lifestyles that have a national impact. The second hour will be presented next week. This week:
   Seldon Lublin has traveled the world, hitchhiked across the country, met Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, and recently retired from his successful psychotherapy practice in New York City.
   Dick and Pat Peters, owners of Peter's Market, in Napanoch, NY, on their journey to becoming a healthy alternative market.
   John Hiller and Carol Debberman, makers of vegetarian Sunshine Burgers, in Ellenville, NY, sold at Peter's Market and in markets across the country.
   A collage of water sounds recorded in the Catskills.
   Oleh and Nadia Maczaj, and their children--They are the owners of Rusty Plough Farm, a small family farm, growing certified organic vegetables, flowers and berries, as well as eggs from our free-range hens. Their farm is located in Ulster County, NY, nestled between the Shawangunk Mountains and the Catskills. It consists of 36 acres, including: crop fields; wild blueberry stands; woodlots; a pond; a maze of old stone walls; an old rusty plough; wild turkeys, deer, hawks, squirrels; the occasional bear; multitudes of frogs and newts; Sneakers & Sandy the barncats; and the house, barn, and greenhouse.

A Review by David Swatling (

The gentle rural pace of this special filled me with nostalgia. I grew up just north of the Hudson Valley where husband/wife team Joe & Lorie talk to their friendly neighbors - some natives and some transplanted New Yorkers. But all have found their way to the joys of healthy eating/living. There's lots of fun sound - especially when a persistent rooster does some serious scene-stealing - and the tone is always casual. (in half-hour part 2) All in all, laid-back Labor Day fare that should entertain both relaxed rurals and edgy urbanites. Engaging, Informative, Sound Rich.

Joe Bevilacqua (Joe Bev) has been producing radio in many genres since 1971 when he was 12. At 19 in 1980, Bev became the youngest person to produce a radio show for public radio. He co-hosted The Jazz Show with Garret Gega in the early 80s, a four hour a week mix classic jazz and comedy. Bev also worked for WBGO, Jazz 88 in Newark, NJ and produced documentaries for WNYC New York Public Radio on jazz legends including Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, Count Basie, Woody Herman, Cab Calloway, and Lionel Hampton.

Healthy Living in the Catskills: A Joe & Lorie Special
by Joe Bevilacqua Narrated by Joe Bevilacqua
Length: 1 hr and 53 mins

On next week's Waterlogg Radio Network:
Jazz-O-Rama: "Tiger Rag: The Dixieland Originals"
Cartoon Carnival: "An Interview with June Foray and Bill Scott" part 3
Comedy-O-Rama: "Camp Waterlogg: The Wedding of Ellis & Elise" part 2
The Joe Bev experience: "Joe & Lorie's Healthy Living Special" part 2

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